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Our company / CASTLE TRAVEL, ensures the best possible service to the tourist employing highly qualified, multilingual personnel combined with our acknowledged professionalism and dedication. We promote and sell the magic destinations our country has to offer, from a desert coastline, to the volcanoes and towering, craggy peaks of the Sierra, to its deep, dense Jungle with innumerable plant and animal species, providing at the same time, the peace of mind our clients require when trusting their trip to us. We design and operate diversified products such as conventional and domestic tourism, adventure and incentive travel and special interest tours.

Tourists will encounter many expressions of Peru's rich history, pre-Columbian Cultures, the Inca Empire and Spanish Colonization. Our challenge is excel all standards of tourism services, offering the highest possible quality within Peru. We are looking for permanent relationships based upon total trust, generated only through many years of fulfillment and excellence in service. Our achievements have been made possible thanks to the extraordinary support of our personnel, a well assembled team of permanently trained professionals, identified with our company goals and clients' preferences.

We are proudly a member of IATA, the International Air Transport Association (IATA#91500802) and fullfill the finantial requeriments of this worldwide recognized institution. Click here to validate information

We are member of ASTA, short for the American Society of Travel Agents, (ASTA# 900181553) this is the world's largest association of travel professionals founded in 1930. The American Society of Travel Agents' mission is to enhance the professionalism of member agents through education and training, to identify and meet the needs of the traveling public and to advocate for the travel industry.

Our company in the United States is operated by our Limited Liability Company named Dual Source Enterprises LLC dba Inca Trail Reservations, it is registered as a California Seller of Travel with Registration Number Inca Trail Reservations CST# 2085372-40.

Inca Trail operations in Cusco are in charge of Inca Trail Reservations E.I.R.L., registered with the Ministry of Tourism DIRCETUR No 068-2008-GR and INRENA-INC AG0090 (only INRENA approved companies are allowed to operate the Inca Trail).

Today's travel industry is seeing rapid growth, high customer expectations, fierce competition and pressure on margins. This is a market driven by new technologies, new entrants and new business models. In this challenging world, Castle Travel - works with Amadeus, which is not only the leading Global Distribution System (GDS) and the biggest processor of travel bookings in the world, but a leader in delivering a wider range of superior technology to the travel industry, this allows us to create an effective commercial environment, make our business processes more efficient and gives us an excellent competitive advantage.

The permanent challenge of globalization in the present business environment demands from us not only the need to take good care of the every day detail of your trip, but also to optimize your time and investment, reducing unnecessary costs. This allows us to advise you on your business or pleasure trips with the most updated and precise information. A scrupulous control of operations and permanent communication with our passengers permits us to learn of, and exceed their expectations. We shorten distances and guarantee your total safety fulfilling our commitment to excellence in service. Our highly professional personnel will take care of your comfort and security. :

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Headquarters Peru
Calle Peru #202
Arequipa, Peru
T: ++51.54.315053
We invite you to experience our unique Inca Trail Tours as we explore ancient Inca ruins on our way to Machu Picchu...  
IATA #91500802 | ASTA #900181553 | CST # 2085372-40  

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